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San Francisco CA
United States

This site & club is open to the public with any car of their choosing!



About The Club

About the Club:

We are a group of San Francisco & Bay Area car enthusiast club that appreciates many cars just as the next. While there is time to stop and show off each other their cars, half the fun in owning a car is to drive it! And why not with a club of other car enthusiasts!


The Drive:

Our club has regular Endurance drives through some winding mountain backroads to the most beautiful scenic routes Northern California has to offer! Mile after mile of single and double lane highways with graduating and hairpin turns. Routes that can last for hrs at most. We try to find the best routes with the least amount of traffic for and keep a fair car distance for safety. 

This isn’t a 3hr non-stop driving experience, although it can be we usually stop at big turnouts and observation points if there is asphalt as for some of the turnouts are only dirt roads. There are small bathrooms, snacks or even go on a hike down trails to get out and stretch. 


Basic Guidelines:

Were not hardcore illegal street racer group tearing up the roads, but theres nothing like feeling the open air on a summers day with your exhaust note as your soundtrack!

    We follow local laws and speed limits carefully. We want you to have fun with your car, but also being safe is the most important.