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San Francisco CA
United States

This site & club is open to the public with any car of their choosing!



Contact Us / Joining

If you want more information or would like to join our elite driving club of car enthusiasts, please send over an email to

Please send a descriptive email that include information about yourself and your special car. Your name, your car's make, model, current miles, year, tire information etc. What ever you feel is necessary. Vin or license plate number NOT required.

An example: HI, I'm ____ from _____ and am interested in joining the club, I have a __________ (year, make, model)  great car_____ etc. or similar is acceptable. 

Or: HI, I am interested in learning more about your club? ______ (insert any other questions here)

We usually will respond in 24hrs or less to know we received your message/application and is under review. You will get another reply email confirming your acceptance into the club. 


Our club is based in San Francisco, but we drive all over the bay area as far as Ukiah up north and down south to Monterey, the  whole Bay Area is open.