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San Francisco CA
United States

This site & club is open to the public with any car of their choosing!




Is my car qualified?

Your the proud owner of a sports car, might as well enjoy it by driving it! Bay Area Driving Club is open to any car enthusiast with anything from small roadsters like Mazda MX-5 or S2000 to full size GT & Supercars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, 911s, Mustangs, Corvettes, just anything fun to drive! On our drives, you’ll experience some of the performance that your car has to offer than on city streets. We also recommending not driving a car too low to the ground or you may risk bottoming out and scraping on downhill roads or driveways. 


While older classic cars are welcome, we are advising you that most of the California roads Speed limits are 35mph, 45mph, 55mph and highway speeds are 65mph+. So if its not possible to keep these speeds frequently, We would recommending bringing a faster car. 

Does the Club Allow Motorcycles?

Yes of course! Motorcycles are just as special and fun to ride on long distance cruises as a sports car are! Old bikes or new, Harley’s to Kawasaki’s, all bikes are welcome and accepted into the club. If motorcycles do come on some of the drives, the club requests that you give a motorcycle at least 2-3 car lengths of space if following behind. More space can be provided if necessary. We strongly recommend always to wear safety gear and equipment when riding.

What are the road conditions like?

The roads we drive are about 80% smooth Asphalt. 20% may be because of old asphalt, some debris in the road like twigs and pine needles, as well as small holes in the road. We do try to avoid those roads at all cost so there is no damage to the wheels and suspension. 

What if i get pulled over?

We know that getting pulled over for a moving violation sucks, but the club is not responsible for paying any fees to moving violations, licensing and insurance. 

Who Is Responsible for my Car? 

You are responsible for your own car. This includes paying for your own gas, air, oil, tires & spare parts and other things necessary for your car. The Club can cover any toll fees if your car doesn’t have a Fastback transmitter for that day. 

How many miles will I put on in a day?

The routes are medium to long and will put more milage on the odometer than normal. If you would rather not put lots of miles on your car, you are welcome to not come with us on every driving session and are able to leave whenever you want. We are not forcing you to be here, although you may miss out on some great roads and sights. You may need to refuel more ofter than others depending on how aggressively you drive and the car’s gas milage. But if you own a sports car, chances are you don’t really care about the gas milage.